Free Drug Card

Going online you’ll be amazed at how many offers you can find for free prescription drug cards to help you save money on medication at your local pharmacy. Choosing can be difficult so you’ll have to read up on all the information and decide for yourself. One of prescription drug card offered is the free drug card. It is a nationwide Prescription Assistance Program or PAP and it is sponsored by a non-profit organization. What it offers is assistance to all Americans so that they are able to lower their regular prescription drug costs.

Online it is possible to make up your own free drug card and print it out. That’s all it takes and the next thing you have to do is take it with you to the drug store because the card comes pre-activated. With this membership card you are able to get prescription medication with savings up to 75% at more than 56,000 national and regional pharmacies across the country. Participation pharmacies include such well known names as CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens, Kmart and Safeway among lots of others. The best thing is that you can go ahead and create as many cards as you need so that you can offer them to friends and family.

There are many satisfied customers out there. One woman says that her insurance did not cover the medication she required so in order to be able to afford it she wound up having to buy a two week supply and take the medication every other day but had to take it every day. Her two week supply cost $60 but with the free drug card less than $15 for a full month’s supply. Another woman got her son’s needed medication for $13 and her friend’s inhaler for $17 with this wonderful prescription drug card.

Free Drug Card also offers coupons for certain kinds of medications. With a special coupon a woman got her medication for a whole year with an over $700 savings. A man who was having big problems being able to afford his medication and was paying out $270. Finally he got the Free Drug Card and wound up paying only $182. Another person had run into a major problem when their health insurance was discontinued and need medication every day but couldn’t pay the cost of $220. Then they got this prescription drug card and it cost them only $84. This is a very impressive difference indeed.

There are many more testimonials which sing the praises of the Free Drug Card and as you can tell people have a reason for being glad. Take a look at other prescription drug cards which are available and make the choice for the one you prefer the most. They are pretty much the same with some slight differences here and there like the Free Drug Card offering also special coupons and other cards offer discounts on specific medications which are very expensive otherwise. One of the greatest things to have is a prescription drug card.

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Easy Drug Card

This prescription drug card known as the Easy Drug Card will help you cut your prescription medication costs at leading pharmacies. You can enroll in this program and get the Easy Drug Card for free. There are no deductibles and no pre-existing conditions. As soon as you have your card you can begin saving up to 75% on your prescriptions and there is a mail order pharmacy online where you can order up to a 90-day supply of your medication.

All you have to do is print out your card and cut it to fit your wallet. The card has all the information your pharmacist needs to give you great savings. Your prescription will be processed electronically and your discount applied. However keep in mind that you cannot use both your insurance card and the Easy Drug Card to purchase your prescription medicine. What you can do is you can ask your pharmacist to let you know the price for both. Then you can decide which gives you more savings your insurance card or your prescription drug card. With your Easy Drug Card you can also choose to purchase either brand or generic medications and there are thousands to choose from.

People are delighted to be getting great savings with this prescription drug card. One person saved over $200 when they used it for the first time. One person had no health insurance and had a hard time paying for their prescriptions. By making use of the Easy Drug Card they save a total of $249. Another person though skeptical at first discovered that they could save anywhere from 50%-60% on their prescriptions. Another person was surprised to discover when they went to fill their prescription that when they presented their Easy Drug Card the pharmacist asked for $21.40 on medication which they had previously paid for $100.

A man went to his doctor and told him that he would have to be taken off of his medication for at least a year because he just couldn’t afford the pharmacy bills and had to save up the money. His doctor showed him his own Easy Drug Card and explained that it was a prescription drug card. He then filled out a prescription as usual and told his patient to take the card the doctor offered him to his pharmacy. The man remained uncertain but instead of being asked to pay $150 for his prescription he was asked only for $25. This grateful patient returned that same day to his doctor’s office for a handshake and a great big thank you. Remember that you are not the only one who has a hard time paying for their prescriptions but that is no reason to put your health at jeopardy. Simply choose a prescription drug card like Easy Drug Card and soon you will be making great savings on all of your medications. Don’t forget to make more cards and pass them on to family and friends. You’ll be glad you did.

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Rx Card

The Rx Card is a free prescription drug card program which helps Americans cut back on their prescription medication costs. These cards are downloadable and printable and can be used right away for savings of up to 75% at more than 57,000 national, regional and local pharmacies. Once you have your card you can use it right away and note that there are no deductibles, no waiting periods, everyone qualifies, there is instant activation and membership is free.


With your Rx Card you can get over 20,000 name and generic drug brands as long as they are FDA approved. It is simple to use all you do is bring your card to the pharmacy and give it to your pharmacist. A unique code gives the pharmacist the correct discounted prescription price and it is based on your pharmacy’s contracted agreement with your Rx Card. With this prescription drug card come many advantages like a 30 day money-back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied. There are no exclusions for any pre-existing conditions and acceptance is guaranteed. Another terrific advantage is that when you use the Rx Drug Card all the prescriptions you have filled are checked and compared to other medications that you have purchased using this prescription drug card in order to guard against possible adverse drug interaction. There are also no limits to the amount of money which you can save using this program.

People are extremely pleased by their Rx Drug Cards. One woman whose medication usually cost $250 wound up paying only $21 by using this prescription drug card. Another lost her company insurance and needed two medications costing over $400. Finally they found this card and by using it in one day saved $72.86. Another customer was surprised when his pharmacist asked for $7.10 because the prescription usually cost him $34.25. Another person using the Rx Drug Card for the first time got a savings of over $62.00. More and more people are coming to realize that in order to save money they must choose and get a prescription drug card.


Keep in mind that by making use of these cards you are also taking on the responsibility of your own health care and even if your insurance runs out or fails you you will still be able to get the medication you need. If you have any other doubts you can ask your doctor however it is as simple as going online and choosing say from five different cards and reading what each one can offer you. They all have practically the same great benefits with just a few differences. Therefore the choice is up to you and remember that the saving you make will benefit you greatly. Now there is no more excuse to say you can’t afford your medication because any prescription drug card will offer you such savings that at first you won’t believe your eyes and ears and afterwards you’ll be singing its praises and wondering what you ever did without one.

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