Health Savings Accounts

Health Savings Accounts or HSA is an account which offers you an alternative to traditional health insurance. Those who are eligible to contribute to an HAS are people who have a high deductible on their health insurance. These accounts have some similarities to individual retirement accounts. Any contributions to an HAS are tax deductible. Earnings in the account are tax deferred and distributions are tax free just so that they are used to pay for qualified medical expenses. To be eligible for an HAS you have to first have a high deductible health insurance plan and be under 65 years old. For a family the deductible would have to be equal to or more than $2,400 a year.


If there are any annual out-of-pocket expenses which have to be paid for covered benefits they cannot be over $5,950 for self-coverage or $11,900 for family coverage. In order to get the most out of an HAS it is advisable to contribute the maximum every year. If you happen to be 55 or older you can make catch-up contributions and covered spouses can make an additional contribution of $1,000 per year. Additional contributions are also tax free. Remember that HAS accounts are portable and the will continue to benefit owners even if they leave their present jobs.

You can take advantage of the maximum employer contribution which is not looked upon as additional income. These employer contributions are considered to be coverage for medical expenses and therefore are excluded from gross income up to the deductible limitation. HSA accounts continue to grow for the life of the owner and rollover from year to year. You can take tax free withdrawals which means that when qualified medical expenses are paid through this account the withdrawal is tax free. What this means is that qualified expenses are any costs which are considered to be qualified itemized deductions on annual federal income taxes. HSA accounts also provide a tax advantage way to pay for items like eyeglasses and hearing aids. If during a certain year medical expenses are not needed then the account accrues earnings tax free.


So simply by contributing the maximum and minimizing distributions a longer term account can grow and even benefit the owner  over a longer time period even into retirement. If the owner dies the HSA account becomes the spouse’s if they are the beneficiary and the benefits continue. What you want to do is to avoid medical withdrawals because making withdrawals from an HSA account for non medical reasons means it’s taxable and a 10% penalty is assessed. If someone is disabled and over 65 they might qualify for non taxable, non medical deductions. So it is advisable to read up on all the information available for HSA accounts and decide if this is something that you could benefit from. Ask around your office and see who has such an account sometimes speaking to someone who knows can help you make a decision quicker.

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NDN Pet Drug Card

You’d be amazed to learn that around 50% of the medications which your veterinarian prescribes for your pet are in reality people drugs just in different does and you can get them filled at your local pharmacy. For medication which differs this program has made it available to purchase this medication at a special pet med pharmacy. All you need to do is to present your NDN Pet Drug Card along with the prescription and start saving. This card after printing is pre-activated and it will never expire. This discount drug card covers all household pets and livestock animals.

After your vet gives you a prescription you can take a look online to locate a pharmacy which can fill the prescription in your area. Keep in mind that not every pharmacy is able to provide special compounding or animal-only medication so check beforehand with the special phone number provided online. Remember that the NDN Pet Drug Card makes use of your local pharmacy for most pet drug needs and a single source specialty pharmacy for animal-only drugs.

It is important for pet owners to get regular check-ups for their furry friends to keep them healthy or to find out if they have a condition which requires medication. The NDN Pet Drug Card is a discount drug card which allows the holder to get discounts on practically any prescribed drug by a vet. All you need to do is get this card printed, it becomes pre-activated, get a prescription for your pet from the veterinarian and take it to any drug store. Make sure that you ask your vet if this is a people drug or a pet-only drug so that you know what pharmacy to go to. You might also find out if your vet has any suggestions concerning pet discount cards. The rest is up to you to decide which pet discount card you want to register for.

There are many sites online which offer you lots of information about pet discount drug cards and you will want to choose the one which best suits your needs and gives the best discounts. The NDN Pet Drug Card is one which helps pet owners even further by providing the possibility of also using this discount drug card at a pet medication pharmacy. This is another thing to consider when choosing a card because you don’t want to register for one only to discover that your pharmacy doesn’t fill the prescription because it is for pets only. Another thing you may want to check out is the online pharmacies and see what they offer in terms of filling medication prescriptions for pets. Remember you want to keep your pet safe and healthy and it need be for medication you want to be able to afford it and get a discount. There are many other things that pets require besides medication so every bit you can save means a lot.


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Medication Card Affiliate Program

Just think you can be the master of your own destiny and generate some additional income. Just think what benefits you can have by working from home. You have the chance to plan your own time while steadily building up income. This is a great opportunity which offers you earnings without selling anything. Especially today when there is such a great demand for prescription drug cards. Working from home you can set up your own schedule, plan your free time, travel where and when you want and the best thing yet is doing all of this while making money. You don’t have to sell anything and you will be earning steady income while you are helping others. This just might be the business opportunity you have always desired. So take into consideration that there will be no products to purchase, no inventory to sell, no deliveries or collections, no employees and you don’t need any special experience. Also with your own business you will be getting substantial tax benefits.

Pharmacies realize the value of getting a customer in their store because customers don’t just purchase their medication they also purchase other items. Pharmacies are always eager for more business and in turn have agreed to discount their prices and pay a small transaction fee for each prescription. At this point a program like Medication Card collects this fee and then shares it with their affiliates. The Medication Card affiliate program lets you get into their unique business model. You will be giving away free prescription drug cards and in turn will earn a commission each time anyone uses the cards to save on their prescriptions. It is a win, win situation all around. This is great for those parents who have small children and need to stay at home. Earning some extra income is a great opportunity for anyone and it beats having to have to work for someone else from morning till night to come home to the demands of your family. This can also be beneficial for retirees who are always looking for extra income opportunities or even business owners who are seeking passive business income. Consider all the possibilities and you will see that this is a situation which can’t lose especially when so many people are now using free prescription drug cards because they can’t afford their medication or they have lost their health insurance. Consider how much time you spend just slaving away and then consider being your own boss and the income you make is income which you keep for yourself. No travel expenses you work from home basically you need a good and reliable computer and common sense. From there on in the road is upwards. Check out some of the other affiliate programs you can join and look at the Medication Card affiliate program and choose the one you like the best. From the first moment you begin making money you’ll see that you have made the right choice.

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Pet Medication Card

Now you can get a free pet medication card from This discount card helps pet owners to save money on their pet’s prescription medication. Owners can now save up to 75% off on all FDA approved prescription drugs at 56,000 pharmacies nationwide. This particular pet medication drug card program has been developed in order to help pet owners afford prescription medication for their furry friends. All one has to do is download this free pet medication discount card and start saving right away. It’s quite simple just fill out the form online, print the card and take it to any pharmacy which sells pet medication. There are many people who have been forced to give up their pets because of the expense with this pet discount card if your best pal gets sick now you don’t have to worry you will be able to help them and at the same time save money on their medication.

Pets have become members of everyone’s family and it’s great to know that now you can get a discount card to be able to afford prescription medication for you furry love. This program was set up to benefit both owners and their pets. So if your pet’s veterinarian informs you that your pet needs some prescription medication inquire if perhaps the vet may be handing out these card himself. If not then go home and go on line and get your free pet discount card and afterwards get the prescription filled. It’s as easy as that and in turn you will be saving a great deal of money. Keep in mind that there are no deductibles, no waiting periods and no exclusions if your pet has any pre-existing conditions. This is meant to keep you and your pet happy and healthy and everyone these days can do with some financial help. As it is a pet takes certain expenses because of their special needs like pet food. Now because of the pet discount card for prescription medication you don’t need to worry about added expense because you will be saving. As it is with the economy so bad and your family needs you want to keep your pet healthy and happy as well. Things happen which we can’t predict but now with discount prescription cards for ourselves and for our pets we can start to relax more. At least this is a relief to us and less of a financial burden. So take a look online at the various pet discount cards available and read what each program offers and then choose the one that is best suited to your needs or which offers the best discount. Keep in mind that it is free, easy to register for online, once printed it is already deactivated and ready to be used at any participating pharmacy which offers veterinarian medication for pets. Choose your card today and start saving.

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NACo Prescription Discount Card

The NACo is the National Association of Counties who in partnership with CVS Caremark offers people free prescription drug cards in order so that NACo member counties can give them to their residents. This card gives discount prescriptions for all residents who do not have insurance, have little insurance, are seniors and who have pets. This particular card can also be used by inmates to get discount prescriptions. This program is beneficial for counties since they are able to offer their residents a no-cost alternative to paying full price for prescriptions. What happens is that counties can choose an optional marketing reimbursement fee and counties are able to feature their county logo or seal on the front of the NACo Prescription Discount Card.

The benefits that resident get are that they can save an average of 24% off of their prescription medication. Residents don’t have to pay any fees, fill out forms and there are no age or income requirements and no medical condition restrictions.  The NACo Prescription Discount Card is accepted in more than 60,000 pharmacies nationwide. All a person has to do is to present their card at their local pharmacy and begin saving and there are no restrictions or any limits as to how many times you can use this card.

People are singing the praises of this card because it is saving them money on their so needed prescription medications. There are many different stories and lots of them are probably like your own. Health insurance ran out, insurance doesn’t cover or someone lost a job. Despite all of this you have to be concerned about your health and your prescription medicine is important to you and it’s important to have it all the time. Well then look no further than at all this information you can find online about prescription drug cards.

Afterwards choose one like the NACo Prescription Discount Card and get your much needed prescription medication at great savings. One person got the card and in one year saved over $1000. Another woman lost her health insurance because she changed jobs. Her medication had to be refilled every month at a cost of $125. She couldn’t afford this. Then her doctor gave her a NACo Prescription Discount Card and asked her to have her next prescription refilled using the card.

She went to her local pharmacy and her next month’s medication cost her $65. She was needless to say thrilled. The amount you can save will depend on what kind of prescription medication you need, whether you want a brand name or you choose a generic brand among other things. However you cannot deny the fact that you will save and this savings will be great and you will in turn be able to afford other things or pay off bills which have been previously hard to pay off. All you need is to choose a prescription drug card and start saving on your prescription medication right away.

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UNA RxCard

This prescription drug card known as the UNA RX Card and it will help you cut your prescription medication costs at leading pharmacies. This free prescription drug card is offered as a joint effort by RESTAT and United Networks of America and this program has the participation of U.S. pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies. UNA Rx Card provides its members with an average savings of 32%-35% off U&C Pricing with savings as high as 75% on some medications.  All you have to do is print out your card and cut it to fit your wallet.

The card has all the information your pharmacist needs to give you great savings. Your prescription will be processed electronically and your discount applied. However keep in mind that you cannot use both your insurance card and the UNA Rx Card to purchase your prescription medicine. What you can do is you can ask your pharmacist to let you know the price for both. Then you can decide which gives you more savings your insurance card or your prescription drug card. With your prescription drug card you can also choose to purchase either brand or generic medications and there are thousands to choose from.

You’ll be glad to know that the UNA Rx prescription drug card is easy to come by. This greatly helps people who have not health insurance but need medication every day. You can get more information on their site and you can get any and all of your questions answered. Remember a prescription drug card is a very necessary thing to have these days when all medications are so very expensive.

You will benefit a lot from the saving you will get by using the UNA Rx Card. You can also provide cards for your family and friends who can benefit from the savings. Keep in mind that there are many happy people who have already saved great sums of money on their prescription medications by using the UNA Rx card. A prescription drug card is the only thing which can help you especially if you constantly need medication and if you haven’t got any health insurance. There are many great from people who have benefited from the use of a prescription drug card. Prescription drug cards such as the UNA Rx Card are there to help you to be able to get your prescription medication when you need it and how much you need. There are not limitations to the prescriptions you can fill.

Once you start using a prescription drug card you will wonder how you ever got along without one. The amount of money you save means more money for other thing you need and more money in your wallet. Look online and see the testimonials of people who are enjoying their savings. Then print it and head over to your pharmacy and get the savings you deserve. It’s that easy and you’ll be glad you did.

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Super Rx Card

If you’re having a hard time paying for your prescription medication then it’s time to get a prescription drug card like the Super Rx Card which come for free and all you need to do it print it out and head for your nearest drug store. You can get discounts up to 75% at more than 60,000 pharmacies and that is real savings. You can get as many cards as you need and you can pass them around to family and friends. Some of the pharmacies accepting the Super Rx Card are such big names like Walgreens, Rite Aid, and CVS among others. Don’t forget your prescription drug card comes pre-activated and ready to use the moment you print it. It couldn’t be easier than that. You have a choice of saving up to 75% on generics or up to 40% on brand name drugs. There is an average savings of over 30 % with the Super Rx Card.

This is a free prescription assistance program and it has been made for anyone your needs help with paying for their prescription medication. There are no limitations and everyone is eligible and the Super Rx Card can be gotten for free and in bulk so you can pass it along to anyone else who needs it. All you need to do is e-mail and request the amount of cards you require. Your prescription drug card discounts will depend on the medication you need and the pharmacy where you go. If you can go to several pharmacies and then pick the one which give you the greater discount. Don’t forget that there are no fees, enrollment forms to fill, no age or income requirements and no waiting periods.

This free drug card discount program is funded through participation pharmacies and pharmaceutical manufacturers all over the nation. This has all resulted because of the fact that health care costs have gone sky high and people require their medication every day. Many don’t have or have lost their health insurance and this shouldn’t mean that they must also lose their health. Prescription drug cards such as the Super Rx Card are there to help you to be able to get your prescription medication when you need it and how much you need. There are not limitations to the prescriptions you can fill. Once you start using a prescription drug card you will wonder how you ever got along without one.

The amount of money you save means more money for other thing you need and more money in your wallet. Look online and see the testimonials of people who are enjoying their savings. Ask your doctor what he suggests and you may just be surprised that he may already have a Super Rx Card to give you. Otherwise go online to their site and get your own card registered. Then print it and head over to your pharmacy and get the savings you deserve. It’s that easy and you’ll be glad you did.

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Benefit House – Consumer Drug Card

If you happen to be one of those people who feel that your prescription medication is taking up your entire budget and that soon you will have to decide between getting your medication or eating then don’t despair. There is hope in the form of a prescription drug card. Benefit House offers the Consumer Drug Card which is a free discount drug card that can save you up to 75% on you prescription medication. You can choose to purchase either brand name drugs or generic drugs. The card is accepted in major pharmacies such as Walgreens, Rite Aid, Kmart and others. Now you can get your prescriptions filled at a fraction of the cost. All together the Consumer Drug Card is accepted at over 50,000 pharmacies nationwide.

People are discovering that this prescription drug card can save them lots of money. A woman filled a prescription which originally cost $36 for just $18. A man who need pain patches couldn’t afford to buy them at $174. He got the Consumer Drug Card and is now just paying $104. There are people who need to purchase their medicine in bulk. Someone was paying over $120 a week and found that with a prescription drug card she was able to get a considerable discount and saved almost 50%. Another woman discovered the Consumer Drug Card at her health club and sometimes doctors are handing out certain prescription drug cards. Online you can take a look at all of the testimonials and if you do the math you will discover that all together there are incredible savings going on. This is especially beneficial for seniors whose social security doesn’t stretch so far and for those who have certain diseases or who need medication for their children.

One man discovered the Consumer Drug Card at his chiropractors. He had a back condition which required rather expensive medication. His doctor told him to give the card a try. He went straight to his local pharmacy and discovered that the medication which costs him $165 per month would now cost him $115. He got his medication and drove right back to his doctor’s office and got a bunch more cards to pass around to family and friends. Don’t forget that you can get more than one card online and pass them around to your family and friends as well. People are pleasantly surprised when prescriptions costing $57 only cost them $38 with the Consumer Drug Card.

With all of these savings going on and considering that the prescription drug card is free there are really no excuses for not registering for one. Take a look and see what all the excitement is about and make your choice. There are so many pharmacies accepting these cards now nationwide that it is no longer a problem to find a pharmacy near your home which will accept the Consumer Drug Card. Start saving today by printing your free prescription drug card.

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CVS Caremark

Getting a prescription drug card from CVS Caremark is the right step to take as they are the largest pharmacy health care provider in the U.S. They are always looking for ways to help people lower the cost of their health care and to be able to afford their medications. CVS Caremark also provides Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans. You won’t have to worry about finding a pharmacy which accepts the CVS Caremark drug card as they give you access to over 65,000 pharmacies among which 7,300 are CVS pharmacy stores.

So all you have to do is get online, find the CVS Caremark site, register and get and print your prescription drug card. Take it to your pharmacy and present it along with your prescription. You will be able to save 24% on your prescription medication. There are not fees involved and anyone can use this card. CVS Caremark is also dedicated to helping doctors manage and help their patients if they suffer from complex disorders and need special therapy and personalized care.

CVS Caremark also offers specialty pharmaceuticals which are made to treat medical conditions and which include bioengineered proteins, blood-driven products and complex molecules. These are used to aid specific chronic or genetic conditions. Specialty pharmaceuticals can be injectable or infused medicines or might include oral medications. In other words CVS Caremark is dedicated to helping patients better understand and manage their health care. They also offer personalized counseling, individual treatment plans, informative educational materials and online health resources. With all of this going for you it’s no wonder that many people choose CVS Caremark prescription drug cards. They know that any and all of their questions will be answered at any time. The best thing to keep in mind is that online you can order prescriptions, learn about your health plan and its benefits, find special savings and opportunities, learn about different medication and get in touch with a pharmacist about any questions you may have. Once you sign up and get your CVS Caremark prescription drug card most of your worries about having your prescriptions filled are over.

You will benefit from great savings and you’ll be saving considerable amounts of money. Once you begin benefiting don’t forget to tell your family and friends and urge them to get their own prescription drug cards or hand them out to everyone you know. Don’t forget that there are more and more satisfied patients each day and that nowadays a prescription drug card has become a necessity as costs of medications rise all the time. For more information online you can look up your prescription history, look up any medication which you are not certain about, make a request for a new prescription, refill a prescription or get information about generics. So go online and take a look at the CVS Caremark site and get your own CVS Caremark prescription drug card you’ll be glad you did once you start saving on your prescription medications.

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Big Apple Rx

If you happen to be living in New York City don’t think twice and get the prescription drug card made just for you Big Apple Rx. This card is available not only to the residents of this big city but also to those who work in the city or are just visiting. There is no age, income, citizenship or health insurance status taken in mind. You can save an average of 47% from the day you get your Big Apple Rx drug card. On brand name medication discounts of up to 15% and on Generic medication 53%.

This card is accepted in most pharmacies all over the city. Keep in mind that Big Apple Rx is a money-saving prescription discount card program and you can use the prescription drug card are much as you need. All you have to do is sign up, print out the card and head for your nearest pharmacy. At the pharmacy present your prescription and the pharmacist will process your card and let you know how much your medication costs. Don’t forget you will be getting the best price which is available to you through this program and if for some reason the medication comes at a lower price than the discount rate you will be able to pay the lower price.
Not only can you make use of your Big Apple Rx card for all of your prescription medication but you can also save on over-the-counter medication like smoking cessation aids and diabetic supplies just as long as you have a prescription. The best thing is that the whole family can make use of one card. If you don’t get yours online you can also pick up a card at a lot of neighborhood businesses, community organizations, city agencies and city council offices. Check online for numbers which you can call if you have any questions or if you are looking for a pharmacy who takes the Big Apple Rx prescription drug card. With over 58,000 pharmacies participating you are sure to find one who accepts this card near where you live or work. Note that you cannot use this drug card with other discount cards or insurance cards but you can use it to pay for what your insurance doesn’t pay for.

There is no limit on the amount of prescriptions you can have filled. Just be aware of the fact that the price for your medication which you can see online can change as prices change without notice. So double check the price at your local pharmacy. The Big Apple Rx prescription drug card will save you a lot on your prescription medication and with not expiry date you can relax and enjoy your savings. You’ll be glad you chose this card if you are living in New York City as prices for medication drugs can be high. Many people are singing its praises and glad they made the right choice at a moment when they didn’t know how they would pay for their prescriptions.

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