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The high cost of prescription medications has led to many people simply being unable to afford the medications they need to stay healthy. This can be embarrassing, as well as risky. Medications are used to control many serious medical conditions and going without can be dangerous.

Some people try to save money by taking less of the medication than their doctor has advised. They may be saving money, but they also aren’t getting the full benefit of the medicine, which may lead to them getting sicker over time. But there is a solution which is available to everyone, regardless of age, health status, and whether or not they have health insurance.

This prescription discount card is available at The best thing about the card is that it’s completely free. There are no fees, no membership, and no charges of any kind. You might be wondering, how is this possible? And you’re not alone. Lots of people have been skeptical, at first. Then they went ahead and used the pharmacy discount card and were pleasantly surprised at how easy and effective it was.

The medication discount card can be used on both name brand and generic medications. The average amount saved is 28 percent, but it’s common to save 50 percent or more, up to 75 percent. For example, one customer reported a savings of 18 dollars on a prescription priced at 36 dollars, while another saved 20 dollars on a 45 dollar medication. These customers and more have said that the card made the difference between being able to afford the medication and having to go without.

Other customers were worried that they were going to have to go to some out of the way pharmacy in order to use the medication card. Not so! Many of the most respected chain and local pharmacies accept the card. You can use the search function right at to find the participating pharmacies which are near to you.

Even if you have insurance, some medications may not be fully covered. For others, you might find that you have to wait for the prescription to be approved for coverage. With the pharmacy discount card, you don’t ever have to worry: just use the card to get the lowest possible price.

It can even be used as a pet medication card, because many of the prescriptions that are used for animals can be obtained through a regular pharmacy. Simply get a prescription authorization form from your veterinarian, then use the discount card to get your savings. Your veterinarian and your pharmacist will be able to help you determine if your pet’s medication qualifies.

The prescription discount card makes it easy for everyone to save on the medications they and their families need. There are no minimum qualifications, nothing to buy, and nothing to fill out. Just print the card yourself at the website. If you prefer, you can also request cards be sent to you by mail.

Leave a comment’s Affiliate Program: Earn While Helping Others

You’ve probably seen lots of different affiliate programs on the internet, and they can be a good way to earn a little extra money. For most of them, however, in order to do well you’ve got to do some fairly heavy promotion. With the prescription discount card from, you don’t have to do much at all.

Just distribute the cards with your special code at local doctor’s offices, dentist’s offices, and anywhere that people might want to save money on their prescriptions – which is just about everywhere. Don’t forget the veterinarian’s offices; it can be used a pet medication card as well. Many standard medications are the same for people and companion animals, so they can be purchased at a regular pharmacy. All that’s needed is a prescription authorization from the veterinarian.

If you own a business, you can share the cards with your own employees and clients as a thank you. The medication card is something that they’ll discover is very useful, which boosts your reputation and can gain you referrals, too. It’s a way to reward loyalty and show that you care about the community.

Non-profit organizations can give the cards to their members, and then use the compensation money to that’s earned to support the organization. Everybody wins. Service providers like insurance companies, accountants, and realtors can share the cards with their clients as a way to add value with no additional cost.

No matter what your business or organization, or even if you’re just a private individual who wants to help others save on their prescriptions, you can take advantage of the affiliate program to do so. Chances are you’ll find many different ways that you can distribute the cards, from dropping them off at local businesses, or handing them out at events. Once people see the card, and find out that it’s completely free to use, they’re going to want one.

There is a small initial investment to sign on as an affiliate. This brings you the Start-Up kit, which includes 5000 pharmacy discount cards specially coded to give you credit, 25 card holders and 25 card displays, and a website that you can use to spread the word via internet links. There are no annual renewals or any other fees ever.

Whenever someone uses one of your medication cards to get a discount, you’ll be credited. The more claims you bring in, the more you make. If you bring in more than 10,001 claims, you’ll earn 2 ½ dollars for each claim. But even if you have only a few claims – between 1 and 1000 – you’ll still earn 1 ½ dollars for each. Most affiliate programs don’t offer such generous compensation.

The affiliate program is a great way for you to spread the good news about the medication discount card and earn some extra cash for yourself or for your organization. There’s virtually no selling involved: everyone wants to save money, so it’s really just a matter of getting the cards into their hands.

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Many people today depend on prescription medications to control or treat their ongoing medical conditions. Even those who do not will occasionally need a prescription for something or other. Unfortunately, the high costs of these medications can make it difficult to afford them, especially for those who have no health insurance or who are on fixed incomes.

Doctors may feel helpless in these situations. They can sometimes provide drug samples to their patients, but there are some very strict rules about how much and how often this can be done. There is another solution, though, one which benefits not only the patients but the doctors themselves.

The prescription discount card available through is free to use, with no deductible, and it never expires. All FDA approved medications, both generic and brand-name, are eligible to be considered for a discount. In some cases, a lower price may be available due to a sale price or rebate, in which case the patient will, of course, be quoted the lower price.

Medications on a pharmacy’s discounted drugs list are not eligible for a further discount using the medication card. In most cases, patients will save an average of 28 percent on their prescriptions, and sometimes as much as 75 percent. The exact amount of the discount is calculated based on the industry standards, and each pharmacy can access this information easily using their computer system.

The card works via a Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) network. This is a third-party organization which contracts with pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies to negotiate discounts and rebates. It is not an insurance program and is not affiliated with or associated with any insurance provider. Most top chain pharmacies and many independent pharmacies accept the prescription discount card.

Doctors can provide these medication discount cards to their patients with complete confidence and without concern for conflict of interest, as the card is widely accepted and it’s optional to use. It’s just one more way to advocate for the patients, which they will deeply appreciate. The patient sees the doctor as wanting to help them save money, instead of worrying that he or she is really trying to get you to give your money to the pharmaceutical companies.

Doctors benefit in return because they’ll earn the trust and loyalty of their patients, who will see that their doctor really does have their interests at heart. They’ll be more likely to have a positive impression and to recommend that physician to their friends, family, and co-workers. In fact, having a stack of cards in the office is a great way to boost a doctor’s reputation in the community.

Everyone should carry a pharmacy discount card, so they’ve got it ready to present whenever they need a prescription. It even works as a discount pet medication card; with a veterinarian’s authorization, most medications for pets can be purchased at a regular pharmacy. Doctor’s offices can help their patients to get these savings by keeping a stack of cards at the front desk or in the waiting area.

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Prescription Discount Card

The prescription discount card available through is a great help to many people who find it difficult to afford the medications they need. Even those who can easily afford prescriptions most likely would prefer to spend their hard earned money on something else. Those with insurance may find that the card is helpful in some circumstances where the insurance is inadequate. The card is for everyone.

The medication discount card is available to everyone at no charge, with no membership or annual renewals, no deductibles, and no application process. It can be used by everyone in the family, and even for pets. There are absolutely no restrictions of any kind. The card can be downloaded at the, or it can be ordered to be delivered by mail. You can also request multiple cards which you can then give away to others so they can take advantage of the program, too.

All FDA approved drugs are eligible for the discount. This includes both brand name and generics. The actual amount of the discount is determined using industry standards and is updated weekly. All you have to do is present the card at the pharmacy window and they will be able to tell you what the lowest price is. In some cases, this may be a sale price or the pharmacy’s regular rate, or it may be the rate for holders of the medication discount card.

This means that just about any medication which you have been prescribed for a chronic or acute health condition may be available to you at a discounted rate. If you are taking blood thinners, medications to control cholesterol levels, or heart disease medication, chances are you will get a discount. Prescription allergy medication, cold relief, and migraine treatments are eligible.

Antibiotics and painkillers are also eligible for discounts. In short, there are thousands of different medications which can be purchased for a discount using the card at a participating pharmacy, which includes just about all of the major chains. A list of pharmacies near you can be found at the website.

The card is also a discount pet medication card. Many of the drugs which are prescribed for animals are the same as those for people, so they can be found at a regular pharmacy. This includes treatments for heart conditions, antibiotics, anti-fungals, pain killers, and more.

Some pharmacies may also carry veterinary specific products (such as heartworm preventative) which may be eligible for discount with the medication card. To take advantage of the discount, obtain a prescription authorization from your veterinarian, or ask the pharmacy to call the vet’s office directly.

The pharmacy discount card can be a great help to anyone who takes a lot of prescription medications, or for families which can face an injury or illness at any time. The savings over time can be very significant, especially for those who take medication regularly. But even if you only use it once in a while, you’ll want to have the medication card in your wallet, ready to save you up to 75 percent.

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People Love

The pharmacy discount card available through is gaining more and more fans every day. This is because it is so convenient and easy to get real savings on prescriptions. There is really no reason not to keep a card in your wallet to present at the pharmacy, there is no down side or risk, and the potential benefit is high.

The card is totally free to obtain and use. It can be downloaded from the website or ordered through the mail. There is no deductible, no membership fees or annual renewals required, and nothing to fill out. The card never expires and can be used by everyone in the family, even for pets.

Many customers were skeptical at first. It sounded too good to be true. But they were quickly convinced when using the card allowed them to save an average of 28 percent – and up to 75 percent – on the prescription medications they needed to stay healthy. Those who must take regular medication to control chronic health issues were particularly pleased at the savings, which can be very significant.

All FDA approved prescriptions are eligible for a discount using the prescription discount card, including both generic and brand name drugs. The amount depends on industry standards. Customers have been extremely pleased to find that they can save on just about every prescription they need. The pharmacy can look up the discount in its computer system so you’ll always know before you buy that you’re getting the lowest possible price.

People with no insurance or who are living on a fixed income sometimes simply cannot afford their prescriptions without cutting corners somewhere else. In the worst cases, it can come down to food or making utility payments. With the medication card on hand, they don’t have to make those kinds of difficult decisions.

Even those who have health insurance coverage can benefit from using the card. In some cases, insurance companies may require pre-approval on certain drugs. This can lead to significant delays as paperwork is processed. Meanwhile, the patient isn’t getting the benefit of the drug. With the medication discount card, the patient can get the prescription filled right away without having to pay exorbitant prices. The card is also a great benefit for those medications which insurance does not cover, or does so only partially.

Those who have companion animals that need medication were pleased to discover that many of these veterinary drugs can be purchased from a regular pharmacy. So the card can be used as a discount pet medication card as well. As long as there is a valid authorization from a veterinarian, it’s just like getting any other prescription filled.

Customers have been so satisfied with the prescription discount card that they are telling all their friends, other family members, and co-workers. They’re even ordering extra cards to give out at local businesses, doctor’s and dentist’s offices, and other events. After all, there isn’t anyone who wouldn’t like to save on their prescriptions.

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How the Partnership for Prescription Assistance or PPA Works

The PPA is known as a clearinghouse of programs which assist people so that they can get their medications for free or almost free. One data bank has been created by pharmaceutical companies, doctors, community groups and patient advocacy programs which include all of their programs. In order to find the program for which you may qualify you can go to the website, call or visit the bus which is touring the nation. Keep in mind that all programs vary from state to state, income level, medication needs, veteran status, age, family and insurance status. Once the appropriate program has been found people can apply on line or print applications and your doctor will be asked to fill out some paperwork for the program as well.


The PPA has enrollment information for 475 existing programs which allows for one point of access to all the programs which assist low-income, uninsured patients so that they can get free or almost free brand name prescription medications. You will also have access to lists of free clinics and doctors that also assist these kinds of patients and there is no fee charged. How it works is that states and companies will register with PPA once they have designed their own assistance programs and set standards. Then the PPA helps to get the word out about a particular program and lets them increase enrollment. Note that physicians’ groups and groups which focus on a certain disease partner with PPA to be sure to increase awareness of available programs and to provide access for their own patients.

When you arrive at the PPA website you will see that it says the program is free and confidential and assists patients in finding medications for free or at a discount. This program was started in 2005 and since then has helped over 6 million people. It works with 475 public and private assistance programs and covers more than 2,500 brand-name prescriptions medications and generic drugs. Patients also have the possibility of calling for a representative to help them with the application. There is also the RxAssist which differs from the PPA. The RxAssist website makes use of a database which helps to pair up needy patients with prescription medication assistance programs. RxAssist was set up by the non-profit organization Volunteers in Health Care.


This is a program which is associated with the Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island. This is a teaching hospital affiliated with Brown University. Patients are provided with information from pharmaceutical companies on their low-cost or free drug programs. All you have to do is register with the organization and let them know of the medication you need assistance with. NeedyMeds gives out discount drug cards. On their site you can see that these cards offer patients a savings of up to 80% on their medication, over-the-counter drugs and even pet medication however you may save practically nothing on low-cost drugs like generics. This card can be gotten through their website and is accepted by over 60,000 pharmacies in the U.S.


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An Overview of Pharmacy Discount Programs

In this world when everything always get more and more expensive no one can afford to let their health go and it is important to get  prescription medications at a savings if at all possible. You may like to ask at your local pharmacy what discount programs they recommend. Don’t forget that now there are so many possibilities available that you don’t have to worry anymore about spending your last dime on medication and you can even get a discount card for every member of your family. Let’s take a look at what is available before you make your choice.

Together Rx Access is a cost-free prescription program which was set up for U.S. and Puerto Rico residents. It offers discounts on particular prescriptions and you can save anywhere from 25% to 40% on brand name prescriptions. Be aware of the fact that if you are eligible for Medicare Part D then you would not be eligible for this program. If you are eligible then you can sign up online, by phone or mail in an application.

CVS/Caremark is a prescription drug discount program that has been set up to provide free of charge service for CVS Pharmacy customers all over the U.S. Members can get a discount on their prescription medications if their particular medication is covered. Their drug list gets updated every three months and includes only the safest forms of medication which are available for a certain drug brand. CVS states that the criteria are dependent of the side effects and drug interaction. You can ask for a Caremark benefit ID card when you go to your local CVS pharmacy or you can contact Caremark Customer Service by phone. Right now you cannot register online without a prescription ID card number.

AARP or Association for the Advancement of Retired Persons is a prescription discount program set up by Walgreens Health Initiatives. It offers discount prescription at all participating pharmacies and through Walgreens Mail Service to AARP members. You will find that drugs which are not covered by Medicare Part D or another existing prescription plan and covered here.

Your Rx Card is a free prescription drug program which saves its members up to 75% when they present the card at their local pharmacy. To get this prescription discount card you have to go online and print it out. There is a form available to fill out and once you have done so you can begin saving.

In January of 2009 the Pet Medication Card was begun. This free discount card allows you to save up to 75% on your furry friend’s medication as long as the drugs are FDA approved.

So take a look on line and see which program best suits you, gives you the best benefits and the most discounts. Make your choice and go to your pharmacy to have your prescription medication filled and start saving today.

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Medical Discount Cards

There are a lot of people who don’t have insurance or insurance which doesn’t cover everything. These people choose to register for medical discount cards in order to make the cost of their health care and prescription medications lower. Just keep in mind that these cards are not health insurance. Medical discount cards should be chosen carefully as they offer different benefits and you want to choose the one which offers the best discounts and benefits. A medical discount card will let you get your prescriptions at a discount. There are cards which give discounts on prescription medication, eye exams or dental care and other which include office visits, surgical procedures and hospitalization. So the procedure is to take your medical discount card with you to your pharmacy when you need to fill a prescription and present it to the pharmacist and in turn you will receive a discount on your medication costs.

Medical discount cards can be gotten through your place of employment or an organization you belong to like the AARP. There are certain health insurance companies which have high deductibles or no prescription coverage which will provide medical discount cards for certain services. Cards are also available through independent companies but in this case be careful because just as much as there are medical discount cards which are legitimate there are also those who will scam you. Online you can check with the Consumer Health Alliance site for a list of medical discount card providers which meet the necessary standards.

The medical discount cars which are legitimate are accepted in many place and offer great savings. The value of any medical discount card depends on how much discount it gives and if it is accepted in many places as well as if it covers the particular services and medication needs the patient requires. So it is advisable for potential customers to ask their health care providers and pharmacy to be sure they will accept a certain medical discount card before buying one.  One should also check to see if the medication they need is covered by the card and find out how much of a discount it offers. This is to be sure that the price of the medical discount card doesn’t outweigh the savings to be made. Online you can find out which medications particular medical discount cards cover and the health services which are also covered by the card so that you can choose the right card for your specific needs. Be careful in choosing a medical discount card as there are companies who do provide misleading or incorrect information about the costs of the card.

For instance there are cards claiming to offer discounts of up to 60% when in fact the discount for medical services and prescriptions can be less than 5% or sometimes no discount. Keep in mind that even those medical discount cards which say they come “free” expect you to pay administrative or service fees so read all the fine print.

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Prescription Drug Programs for Medicare Members

Be aware of the fact that Medicare member can get access to prescription drug coverage through Medicare Part D. It is through this plan that most seniors get their prescription drugs. Medicare members can also get medication coverage from an employer or union. What this means for members is that they can get help to pay for their Part D plan and their medication when applying for aid from the Extra Help program. Therefore anyone who gets Medicare benefits because they have become 65 or are disabled can enroll in a Medicare prescription drug program which is also called Medicare Part D. What this involves is a 7 month enrollment period, which begins 3 month before you become eligible for Medicare and ends 3 month after the month in which you became eligible. Private insurance companies sell Medicare drug programs and for each state there are a certain amount of plans to choose from.

All the plans advise you of the drugs they cover and so you should look them over to find the one which has the medication which you take. The plans cover the most widely prescribed drugs and it is possible for you to petition plans for temporary coverage of a certain drug which is not on their list and then switch plans during the open enrollment period to a plan which covers the drugs you take.

There are three cost components to the Medicare prescription drug programs – a premium, a deductible and a co-pay or co-insurance. The premium is to be paid monthly and it varies from plan to plan. There are certain plans which have a deductible that cannot exceed a certain amount. So what this means is that once you have covered the deductible then your co-pay or co- insurance is around 25% of the cost of your medication and the insurance company pays the other 75%. Keep in mind that there are programs for those on Medicare who have income below federal and state-determined limits which will pay your monthly premium and a great deal of the medication co-pays.

You need to check with your local Department of Human Services or your Social Security Office in order to find out if you qualify for the Extra Help program. Now if you happen to have drug coverage through your employer or union then you can continue to get your prescription medication through that plan and you don’t have to enroll in a Medicare Part D medication plan. However if need be you can enroll in Medicare Part D at a later time and you won’t have to pay a penalty if the coverage you have is as good as or better than the coverage that is provided by Medicare known as creditable coverage. So make sure that you get all the facts first and don’t forget to always read the fine print before signing onto any program. Also make sure the plan you agree to has your medication covered.

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Starting a Health Savings Account

These days everyone and anyone is looking to save on health insurance and on medications. Especially if they have a large family and many other needs. So now you have the possibility of taking advantage of the Health Savings Account or HSA which was established in 2003. An HSA type qualified health plan is a high deductible Preferred Provider Organization or PPO type plan that has a low monthly premium. This kind of an account works like a checking account which you use to pay off your health expenses. Money in this account accumulates interest and there are tax benefits.

Most banks allow people to open such account and it is not a difficult process. To begin with you can go to your bank or online to your bank’s website. You need to have your Social Security number, photo ID and insurance plan when you go in person. The bank will require that you fill out plan application and personal information and will ask how you plan to fund the account. After your application has been processed you will receive a debit care, routing number and account number and you’ll be set to take advantage of your HSA account.

This is a great opportunity for people who have a hard time managing their health care expenses and paying for their prescription medications. Once you have the account you can use it for any medical needs that arise. The IRS will let you fund the account up to your deductible which is usually around $3,000 for an individual and $6,000 for a family. Also your account balance will earn interest and any withdrawal you make will be tax free as long as they are made for medical expenses.

The greatest thing about an HSA account if that now if an unexpected health emergency occurs you no longer have to worry about the health problem and where you will get money so there is one less thing to worry about. Any action going on in your HSA account must be reported to the IRS and your bank will help you prepare the proper forms. You can get more information online or you can even go to your bank and inquire if you are qualified for an HSA account. Don’t delay because as time goes by health care is just getting more expensive and every bit that you can save is worth it. Ask around and see who has such an account either among your family and friends or your colleagues at work. It can be very helpful to talk to someone who has the account and can tell you of what they think of it and if they benefit from it. Anyway you look at it with an HSA account you and your family benefit greatly, save money and have less to worry about if any health issues crop up. Get yourself educated about an HSA account and go to your bank and open one up.


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