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The free prescription discount card available at has earned high praise from those who have used it. This card is completely free to obtain and to use, and there is nothing to fill out. It never expires and it can be used by everyone in the household, even for pets. There is no membership or annual renewal required, and never any fees of any kind.

Patients who take a number of different medications to control their chronic health concerns have been very pleased with the medication discount card’s ability to save them a lot of money over a year’s time. All FDA approved medications are eligible to be discounted. The amount of the discount is determined by the pharmacy benefit manager in negotiation with the manufacturer.

The medication card saves on average 28 percent on prescriptions of all kinds. Many customers have reported savings of 50 percent; for example, a 36 dollar prescription for just 18 dollars. Others have saved as much as 75 percent on prescriptions. That can make a big difference in the current economy.

Customers without insurance or who are on a fixed income have found the card to be particularly helpful in their situation. But even those with insurance coverage have gotten a benefit from the card. Insurance companies may not cover a certain drug completely, or they may require that you get their approval before the prescription can be filled. With the discount card, you can get your medication without waiting and without paying full price.

The medication card is not insurance, and it isn’t affiliated with any insurance provider, healthcare firm, retail pharmacy, or pharmaceutical company. There are no restrictions on its use and no information about you is gathered. Simply present the card at any of the nearly 58,000 participating pharmacies, including the most popular chains as well as many regional and local independents.

The pharmacy will always give you the lowest price, even if it isn’t the scheduled discount for the card. Sometimes, there are sale prices for a limited time, or the pharmacy’s regular price may be lower or the same as with the card. Most pharmacies also have a list of discounted drugs, which they have negotiated directly with the manufacturer. In this case there is no additional discount for using the prescription discount card.

Pet owners have been happy to discover that it is also a discount pet medication card. Many drugs which are prescribed for animals are the same as those for humans, and can therefore be purchased at a regular pharmacy. A veterinarian’s authorization is required.

The pharmacy discount card can be downloaded directly, for free, at It can also be requested to be delivered by mail, if you prefer. You can even order multiple cards to give away to friends, family, and co-workers, or to leave a stack at your doctor’s, dentist’s, and veterinarian’s offices so others can save. The card is so easy to use, with no hassles, that customers who have tried it say they will always keep it handy.

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Doctors Offices Gain Loyalty and Referrals with Medication Card

The prescription discount card that can be obtained as a free download at is a simple way for patients to save money on all the prescription medications that they need. It is completely free to obtain and to use. Furthermore, there are never any renewal or membership fees, no expiration date, and no personal or identifying information is collected. The card can also be requested to be delivered by mail, if you prefer.

A stack of these cards at the front desk or in the waiting area can benefit doctors, as well. It has the psychological effect of showing patients that the doctors are aware that prescription medications can be very expensive, and that they care. Beyond that, here’s a way that patients can actually take back some control over how much they pay. There’s absolutely no risk to either physician or patient. It’s a win-win situation.

The pharmacy discount card is accepted at most large chain pharmacies, including CVS, Walgreens, RiteAid, Target, Kroger, Wal*Mart, K-Mart, Costco, Safeway, Farm Fresh, Med-Fast, Ritzman, Pharmacy Express, Giant, and many more. In addition, many independent pharmacies also accept the card. To determine which local pharmacies participate in the program, you can search by Zip Code at

Bulk quantities of cards can be requested easily online at Any number of cards can be requested. While you might decide to start with just a few at first, don’t be surprised if they are quickly snapped up and you need to order more.

The card is unaffiliated with any insurance program, pharmaceutical company, retail pharmacy, or any other organization, so doctors can provide the cards to their patients with complete confidence and without any concern over the appearances of conflict of interest. The medication discount card is also 100 percent free to obtain and use, with nothing to fill out, no memberships or annual renewals, no deductibles, no restrictions, and no expiration date.

Because every FDA approved drug, whether generic or brand name, is eligible for a discounted rate – as determined by industry standards and the pharmacy benefit management company – doctors in any specialty, including dentists and veterinarians, will find that their patients will benefit from using the card. Cards can be ordered from the website,

Many people are skeptical at first, but since there’s no risk, they decide to carry the card in their wallet. Then, with the first prescription they use it on, they’re hooked. The average savings is 28 percent, but 50 percent is not unusual and savings of up to 75 percent are possible. There really isn’t any reason not to use the medication card.

The pharmacy discount card from helps patients to save on all the prescriptions they need. It’s even valid as a discount pet medication card, when prescriptions are filled at a regular pharmacy. Every family member can save on their prescriptions, whether they are needed for chronic or acute conditions. Doctor’s offices can have complete confidence in sharing this program with their patients.

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The prescription discount card is widely praised by customers. Users of the card are so pleased with the savings they receive that they tell their family, friends, co-workers, and even tell their doctors about the card. The card is free to use, with no restrictions and no expiration date. There is no qualification process: just download the card, print it out, and take it to the pharmacy.

Use of the medication card leads to an average savings of 28 percent, and up to 75 percent, on the most often prescribed drugs. All drugs which have been approved by the FDA are eligible to be considered for a discount. The amount is negotiated with the manufacturer, based on industry standards, and is generally the same at all pharmacies.

It’s not unusual for patients to be skeptical at first. The card sounds almost too good to be true. But the savings are real and customers are easily convinced after their very first use. Many customers have returned to the website to order bulk cards to give away or to drop off at the doctor’s office and other local businesses, just to spread the word about the great savings.

Those on a fixed income are often faced with the choice between affording their medication or other necessities like utilities. Sometimes they must take less than the prescribed dosage because they can’t afford the full amount. The medication card goes a long way to relieve these conflicts and to defuse much of the stress that goes along with the situation.

Customers who take one or more medications regularly to control a chronic health problem really like having the card to depend on. A savings of 50 percent adds up to a lot of money over a year, as one customer found after starting to use the prescription discount card.

The medication discount card is useful even for those who have good health insurance coverage. A customer who was taken by surprise that her medication was no longer covered used the card and saved 70 percent. Another customer used the medication card instead of waiting for the insurance company to approve the prescription (which could have taken days), and saved almost 20 dollars. These are just two circumstances in which insurance wasn’t of any value, while these patients were able to get a discounted rate using the card.

It’s also a pet medication card, which can be used to fill veterinary prescriptions at a regular pharmacy. Most of the medications which are prescribed for pets are the same as for humans. As long as you have a veterinarian’s authorization, you can get the prescription filled at your own pharmacy and save with the medication card.

The pharmacy discount card, which can be downloaded at, has received high praise from those who have tried it. Savings of 20 dollars, 37 dollars, and more are routinely reported by satisfied customers. Many of them order additional cards to hand out to spread the word. After all, there isn’t anyone who wouldn’t like to save on their prescriptions.

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Prescriptions Covered by the Medication Card

With the high cost of prescription medications, everyone could use a break. Those on a fixed income or without medical insurance of any kind may find themselves in the difficult circumstances of having to choose between needed medications and other necessities, like food and utilities. believes that this shouldn’t be the case, and offers the free prescription discount card to everyone as a way to reduce these costs by as much as 75 percent.

You may have heard about prescription discount cards and figured that there must be some sort of special requirements. Maybe you were worried that you’d have to give up your personal information, or that you’d have to join some sort of a club. Not with this card. The medication discount card is valid for most every prescription for every person, without fees or commitment of any kind.

It’s even good as a pet medication card for your companion animals’ prescriptions which can be filled at a regular pharmacy. Most veterinary medications are the same as those for humans and, as such, can be filled just as easily at a regular pharmacy. All you need is your veterinarian’s prescription authorization.

If you’re thinking, well, this card may be good for some people, but it probably won’t help me: think again. All – that’s right: ALL – FDA approved medication, both generics and brand-names, are eligible for discounts of up to 75 percent. Just about any medication that you or a family member is taking regularly is likely to be discounted through this program. You can always verify the price before making your final purchase. Participating pharmacies can easily quote you their lowest price by checking the computer system.

In some cases, a pharmacy’s regular price might be less than the scheduled card discount; a limited time sale price might be in effect; or a specific drug might be on a pharmacy’s regular Discounted Drug list at a lower price. Whatever the case, you will never be asked to pay anything but the lowest possible price quoted at your local pharmacy.

Most of the large chain pharmacies – including CVS, Walgreens, Wal*Mart, Target, RiteAid, and more – participate in the medication discount card program. If you want to be sure of the participating pharmacies in your area, you can confirm using the search function at

While most prices are competitive across pharmacies in a given area, it never hurts to shop around a bit to be sure. You just might be able to find a lower price – even if it’s only a dollar or so – at one of your local providers. The scheduled amount of the discount is based on industry standards and is negotiated by the third-party group administrator between pharmacies and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

The pharmacy discount card works for everyone, regardless of age, health status, or insurance status. There are no restrictions or requirements, and there’s no expiration. The card may be used on every prescription for every family member, including pets, for a savings which may be quite significant over time.

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The prescription discount card that can be downloaded or ordered at has found a dedicated following among those who have already seen how valuable it can be. The card allows its user to save an average of 28 percent – and as much as 75 percent – on the prescription medications that they need to purchase anyway. This savings can make a big difference to those who are on a fixed income, who do not have healthcare insurance, or who depend on a large number of prescriptions to keep their chronic medical issues under control.

It’s not unusual for people to be skeptical at first. After all, the card is completely free to obtain and use, with no deductible, no restrictions, and nothing to fill out. Many customers have admitted that they figured the card wouldn’t be accepted by their pharmacy, or for the medications they needed. Some even went so far as to say that they thought they’d be laughed at.

The truth is that this card is totally legitimate and can provide real discounts on the most commonly prescribed medications at most major nationwide chain pharmacies. There are also many independent local pharmacies which honor the card as well.

The pharmacy benefit manager that administers the program negotiates prices directly with the pharmaceutical companies for the benefit of the network members: the participants in the medication discount card program and the pharmacies themselves. All FDA approved drugs (generic and brand-name) are eligible for discounts. The exact amount of the discount depends on the industry standard and the negotiated rate.

Real customers have reported the following levels of savings: in Houston, TX, a prescription which would have cost 36 dollars was purchased for just 18 dollars using the discount card. A woman in Las Vegas, NV, realized a discount of 20 dollars on a 45 dollar prescription, a medication she’d be taking for the rest of her life.

Even those who have healthcare insurance can benefit from using the prescription discount card. Feedback has been received from customers whose insurance required a pre-approval on certain prescriptions, leading to delays; with the discount card, these customers were able to purchase the drug right away at a reasonable price. Other customers said that they were able to get prescriptions which their insurance didn’t cover fully without having to pay full price.

The card can be downloaded at the website, or ordered to be sent via mail. You can request multiple cards which you can then distribute among family, friends, co-workers, and at the offices of your doctor, dentist, veterinarian, and other local businesses. After all, who doesn’t want to save money on prescriptions?

Customers who have used the pharmacy discount card were pleasantly surprised at how easy and convenient it was to save on all their prescriptions for the whole family, even as a pet medication card. Across the country, from Washington State to Florida, the card has been a positive influence on the budgets of real people, allowing them to get the medications they need without having to cut corners elsewhere. With no fees, no commitments, and no expiration, there’s really no reason not to have one of these medication cards in your wallet.

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Be More Organized with the Out of Milk App

The prescription discount card which can be downloaded at lets patients save up to 75 percent on the medications they need. In this day of skyrocketing prescription costs, the discount is very welcome. It can be used by anyone, and can even be used as a discount pet medication card.

Out of Milk ( is a partner site to Out of Milk is a list management app for use on Android smartphones. All kinds of lists – shopping lists, pantry inventory lists, to-do lists, and more – can be created for easy access. Users can choose what information to include, and they can be assigned to categories to organize them better.

The included barcode reader feature makes it easy to add items. At home, use it to create inventory lists so you never have to make two trips, or end up with duplicates, just because you couldn’t remember what you have on hand. Items which have been scanned in are stored in a database file so, even when they get crossed off a list, you won’t have to scan again. Just select the item from the database to add it to a new list.

For a one-time fee (currently just 4.99), users can upgrade to a Pro license for even more functionality. The Pro license lets users manage their lists from the website as well as the mobile app, and to sync between the website and multiple smartphones. In that way, all household members will have current, accurate lists on their phones, so they’ll always know when an item has been crossed off or added.

With this cloud based storage, you don’t have to worry about losing your lists, either, if your phone is lost or stolen. Everything will be saved for you at the website, so you just need to reload the app – no new Pro license needed.

For those who take a lot of different prescription medications, the Out of Milk app is a good complement to the pharmacy discount card. You can create a list of all your medications and their refill status. You can include information about the dosage, what the drug is intended to treat, and pricing info. Many people find it difficult to keep track of their prescriptions, but the app makes it very easy to do. Since it’s accessible on the phone, it’s easy to check on right in the pharmacy.

The Out of Milk app also keeps track of coupons for items on your lists. You’ve probably had the experience of having a coupon at home (or worse, in your pocket) that you forgot to use until it was too late. This is a thing of the past with Out of Milk.

With the medication discount card from, you can save money on all your prescriptions. The Out of Milk app helps you to keep track of your medications, as well as all the other kinds of lists that make your life easier. When you take advantage of both of these, you’ll be more organized and save money, too.

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OTCPlus Helps You Find the Right Medicine

The free prescription discount card from is becoming more popular every day, as more people learn about its benefits. The medication card can be used by every member of the family – even for pets – to get a discount on just about every prescription. There’s no charge to get or use the card, and it never expires. It’s as easy as presenting the card at any participating pharmacy.

The smartphone app OTCPlus is a great adjunct to the medication discount card. It can be used to find the appropriate over the counter (OTC) medicine to treat any symptom. All you have to do is to locate or search for the symptom in the comprehensive list provided, and you’ll be taken to a list of OTC medicines that treat or alleviate that condition.

You’ll be shown the active and inactive ingredients and the recommended dosage for adults and children. You’ll also get the intended use of the product and any warnings and safety information, such as potential interactions with other medications, side effects to watch for, and more. All the relevant information will be right there for you to read and compare in a convenient format. The results may not include the full detail of the package insert, which should always be referred to; however, they’re very comprehensive in terms of what you need to know to make your decision.

The app educates you about how to read a label, so you can make informed comparisons to narrow down which product is the right for you and your family. Medicine labels often include a lot of terms and references with which you may not be familiar, but which can be very valuable in choosing between two or more similar products. The app was developed by board-certified physicians, so you can trust the results.

OTCPlus links directly to coupons which are currently available for the products listed. That will save you from disappointment if you find out later that you purchased a product for full price when you could have gotten a discount or rebate on it. With the current version, coupons must be printed using a desktop or laptop computer, but mobile coupons which can be redeemed directly from the phone will become available soon.

Users of OTCPlus can access the prescription discount card from within the app. Updates are being made regularly to bring you even more information and mobile functionality so you will always have access to the most complete, accurate product information and coupons. There is no charge for any upgrade to the OTCPlus app at this time.

OTCPlus is for information purposes only and is not intended as a replacement for medical advice. It cannot provide a diagnosis. Always consult your physician for any medical problem, especially when symptoms persist for seven days or more, and for advice regarding treatment.

Taken together with the pharmacy discount card, the OTCPlus app saves you money whether you are purchasing a prescription or an over the counter product. Both are free to download and to use. The card can also be used as a discount pet medication card for your companion animals’ prescriptions, when filled at a regular pharmacy. All you need is an authorization from your veterinarian.

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Prescription Discount Card by

The prescription discount card available at can be used to gain up to a 75 percent discount on all the medications that you and your family need. It’s completely free to get and use, with no annual renewals or expiration dates, and there’s nothing to fill out. Just present the card at a participating pharmacy to receive your discount.

The card can be printed directly from the website, or can be ordered to be delivered by mail. Many people order multiple cards to give away to friends and family.  They can be dropped off at the offices of doctors, dentists, and other medical professionals to benefit all their patients. Non-profit organizations often use the card as a benefit for their supporters, and large and small businesses have shared the cards with their employees as a way to help them save money.

The card can also be used as a discount pet medication card. With a veterinarian’s authorization, many medications which are given to companion animals can be purchased from a regular pharmacy. This can be very helpful when your pet requires ongoing medication for a chronic health condition.

All FDA approved prescription medications available in the United States are eligible for the discount. This includes both brand-names and generics. This does not necessarily mean that a specific medication will always be discounted using the card. Sometimes, the pharmacy’s regular price may be lower than the scheduled discount (which is based on industry standards), or the medication may be on sale for a limited time at a lower price. When a medication appears on a pharmacy’s list of discounted drugs, through agreement with the pharmaceutical manufacturer, there is no additional discount available using the prescription discount card.

Possible drugs for which the pharmacy discount card may be used include blood pressure medication, blood thinners, and heart medications. Mental health prescriptions may be discounted as well. Antibiotics for all kinds of infections, arthritis pain killers, fungal treatment creams – all of these and more are eligible for the discount.

Always check with your pharmacy to find out what the discount will be before you make your purchase. They will be able to check their computer records for the discounted price from the medication card, and can tell you what the lowest price is. You can obtain a list of participating pharmacies in your area by using the search function at

While your doctor doesn’t need to do anything different in order for you to use the medication card for discounted prescriptions, you might want to mention it anyway. He or she might be interested in keeping a supply of cards on hand to give out to their patients. Many doctor’s offices do this as a way to help them save on prescriptions.

Just by keeping’s discount card in your wallet, you’ll be ready to save on every prescription that you and your family, even your pets, need. It’s really just that simple. Don’t forget to recommend the card to your friends and coworkers.

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Doctors Help Patients to Save on Prescription Costs with

The pharmacy discount card provides a way for everyone to save up to 75 percent on their prescriptions. Especially for those who must take regular medication to control health conditions, the costs of prescriptions can be prohibitive. Those on fixed incomes or without health insurance are sometimes forced to choose between prescriptions and other necessities. With the medication discount card, this is no longer such an issue.

All FDA approved prescription medications, both name-brand and generic, are eligible for the discount. The amount of the discount depends on industry standards, which are updated weekly. In some cases, the pharmacy’s regular price or discounted price may be lower than the medication card’s discount. In that event, the customer will be charged the lower price. They are typically about the same at all pharmacies in a region, but there may be variations if, for example, one pharmacy is offering a sale price or has negotiated a discount rate on a specific drug.

There is no charge to obtain or use the card, and there are no qualification standards. There’s no membership fee, annual renewals, and it never expires. It’s good for everyone in the family, and pets, too. The card can be printed directly from a computer, or obtained through the mail. More and more, businesses, non-profit organizations, and individuals are obtaining stacks of cards to distribute freely to their customers, friends, and family.

Doctors benefit from the program as well as their patients. By sharing these medication discount cards with patients, they gain good will and loyalty. Patients appreciate knowing that their physicians understand the high costs of medication and care enough to want to help.

The card can be used as a discount pet medication card, too. Many of the same medications that people take are also given to animals, and prescriptions can therefore be filled at a regular pharmacy with an authorization from the veterinarian. Vet offices can distribute the cards to their clients to help take the edge off rising costs. The same card works for any kind of medication that is eligible.

Some medical offices may consider signing on to’s affiliate program. The program rewards affiliates with a payment whenever one of their specially coded cards is used. Rewards range from 1 ½ dollars to 2 ½ dollars, depending on the number of claims.

It’s easy to earn rewards because there’s no need to make a sales pitch or encourage people in any way to take a card to keep on hand. Once they learn about the program, they’ll most likely be excited to give it a try. After all, it’s just as easy as keeping a medication card in their wallet.

Doctors who share the pharmacy discount card with their patients may gain benefits through increased loyalty and referrals.  The local pharmacies and drug stores which see increased business will be grateful, too. In fact, when people aren’t so worried about their prescription costs, they’re more likely to spend money throughout the neighborhood, boosting the local economy.

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Help People and Earn Money with’s Affiliate Program

The pharmacy discount card is a program which allows anyone to save up to 75 percent on the prescription medications they need. The cards can be used by anyone, with no qualification requirements, no membership fees, and no forms to complete. All they need to do is take the card to a participating local pharmacy and they’ll get the lowest possible price.

Too many people today find themselves in the position of not being able to afford their medication, even if they have healthcare insurance. Some can only afford a few pills at a time, while others have to go completely without. The medication card can make the difference in keeping a life-threatening condition at bay or clearing up a bacterial infection before it can do more damage.

The card can also be used as a pet medication card for discounts on certain veterinary prescriptions. Most medications given to animals are the same as used by people, so they can be purchased at a regular pharmacy. All that’s needed is the veterinarian’s authorization for the prescription.

When you sign on as an affiliate, you’ll be provided with specially coded prescription discount cards to distribute. Give them away however you like: at work, church or temple, to friends and family, or at your doctor’s and veterinarian’s offices. Charities can give away the cards to their supporters, with the earnings being contributed back to the charity. Insurance companies, realtors, and accounting firms can use them as a way to thank their customers, or as an incentive to new ones. There are any number of ways in which the cards can be shared.

When someone uses one of your medication discount cards to make a purchase, it’s automatically credited to you. You can earn up to 2 ½ dollars for every paid claim if you bring in 10,001 or more, but even if you only have 1 to 1000 claims, you’ll earn 1 ½ dollars for each one, still a generous amount.

The affiliate program is a great choice for anyone who wants to earn a little bit of extra money without having to sell something. The benefits of the medication discount card are such that most people will be happy to keep one in their wallet for the next time a prescription is needed, especially as there’s no cost to them to do so. You’ll be able to feel good about helping people get a break on their prescription costs.

To participate, there is a small fee for the Start-Up Kit, which tells you everything you need to know to get started. You’ll also get 5000 specially-coded cards, 25 displays and banners, and a website to use for promoting your cards. There are no annual renewal fees or any other charges.

The medication discount card gives you the opportunity to earn revenue by helping others. You’ll be providing them with a way to get the medications that they, their families, and even pets need at prices that they can afford.


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