Prescription Drug Card Affiliate Program

Today’s economic situation is at all time low, our unemployment seems to be at the forefront of most media attention and the medical problems are quickly becoming unmanageable.  The average American is struggling on a daily basis to provide a warm meal and a decent roof over the heads of their families.

This comes as no surprise to most of you reading this, but I’m here to provide you with some sort of a light at the end of a tunnel that until now seemed to be endless.  In the current state of affairs any and every little thing can make a big difference.  Being able to find something that will help not only your family, but possibly even your friends and neighbors is life changing.

As you know mostly Americans are facing great difficulty in trying to get their medical needs met.  Estimates show that 1 out of every 5 people living in the United States will not be able to afford the prescription medicine’s they need to have a healthy lifestyle.  This is the type of problem that will only breed more problems.  It’s the proverbial rock and a hard spot situation.  If you are unable to afford your medications then you become stressed stress will lead to even more illness, and so the story goes, on and on until something gives.

Well, the medication card has provided that “Give” that we all so desperately need right now.  This more than just a medical card to help you pay for your prescriptions.   This is a discount medication card program that also offers an prescription drug card affiliate program.  That’s right now we’ve moved from rock and a hard spot situation into the 2 birds with one stone situation.

Being able to receive discounts on your medications as well as gaining a commission from other member’s when they use the card that’s genius.  This is much different from other cards you may have heard of because it is an prescription drug card affiliate program, NOT a multi level marketing opportunity.

Affiliate marketers make up some of the best incomes in the country right now.  Being an affiliate for a program that solves a problem for millions of people, that’s sure to provide you with some much needed cushion.

We all can benefit from a great offer such as the Medication Card Affiliate Program.  Because it will help many Americans with their health needs.  When this happens it creates a chain effect that works to help put people back in their jobs and even creates some new jobs.

I’m confident that everyone reading this knows someone that can benefit from this program.  This truly is a “No Brainer”

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How to Make Money Distributing Free Prescription Drug Discount Cards

Health is one of our main and most important concerns. Without it, we are not able to carry out basic daily tasks, become productive in our work, not able to practice our hobbies and sports, and etc. There are somethings that money just cant buy. However, our health is often not stable. At one point, we are feeling great, we are productive and use our health in order to do the things we love and that will make us happy. Then suddenly, a health problem strikes us without notice, and without us ever imagining that it would occur. That just deprives us of our energy. Luckily there is health insurance and health programs which people can use in order to gain back their health at a fraction of the cost, and get us back into our daily routines! That being said, It is no wonder why the health industry is one of the biggest industries in the world. Health is not just something that we can consume and throw away, it is a necessity!

Because health is something we need, it is something that everyone at some point in their lives have had to spend money on. It is no wonder that it is an billion dollar industry. Health professionals are one of the top paid in the country ( doctors, nurses, etc.). It is a career which can make you a large annual salary but it is also a rewarding one, given that you are able to help save peoples lives each and every day.

How would you like it if you too could be involved in the health industry, help others and get paid for it? The medication card affiliate program is an opportunity to get into this field, without any specific qualifications. With the program, you will be giving away free prescription drugs cards, which in turn will allow you to earn a commission each and every time someone uses the cards  to save on the prescriptions that you provided them with. It is a situation in which everybody wins! The company offering the service will make money, the consumer will save money, and YOU will make money as well!

This is your opportunity into not only getting into a piece of the health industry but also a home business opportunity.  The best part about the medication card affiliate program is that you do not need to sell anything, so there is no need to make room in your home for storage. What that means is, no products, no inventory to sell, no stocking up, no trips to the post office and etc. It is all done through the comfort of your home. You will be able to make a steady income while helping others, it cant get any better than this!

This program is great for many reasons. In today’s world we are constantly on the move. We live through hectic schedules, multitasking all day long, and trying to make the 24 hours we have in a day to work for us. It gets even tougher when one has a family, not only do you have to worry about work and other obligations, but taking care of your children and loved ones. Time is the most precious thing we have, and today we are constantly being deprived of quality time to do the things we love. This program is great for parents. Never has is been easier to start your own home business at a low cost. You can not only focus on your work, but also cut down on the daily things that make us stress such as the early morning commute,working, picking your children up from school, paying the bills and other things that go into our daily routines. This is a method that is great for everybody. Whatever your relationship status is, it can also be a form of passive income and another source of money outside of your 9 to 5 day job. Just imagine all the hours you put into working each and everyday working for somebody else, and making someone else money. This is your chance to become your own boss and live by your own rules!

Become an affiliate today and you will gain our start-up kit, which consists of 5000 pharmacy discount cards with special code to give you the credit for helping promote our product. You will also gain 25 card holders and 25 card displays. Are you worried about getting the word out? Not problem! Also give you a website that you can use to spread the word online. There are no annual renewal or any other fees as well.

Here’s how it works. Someone uses one of your medication discount cards to make a purchase and it is automatically credited to you. If you have from 1 to 1,000 claims you will earn 1 ½ dollars for each, however if you but in the work necessary and generate over 10,001 claims or more, you can earn up to 2 ½ dollars for every paid claim!

The medication card affiliate program Is a win win solution. Not only will you help others save money and get affordable medication, you will also make money and build an opportunity to create your own home based business. Join now!


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Doctors Help Patients Save on Prescriptions with

The pharmacy discount card which can be downloaded for free from is a way for everyone     to save up to 75 percent on the medications they need. For those who depend on regular medications to control chronic health conditions, the continuous financial strain can be difficult. The medication discount card helps to relieve the worry that is so often associated with the need for continuing prescriptions.

Doctors can help their patients to save on their prescriptions by giving away the card in the waiting room or at the front desk. It’s a great way to show patients that their doctors know that prescription costs can be challenging, as well as providing a realistic solution. Doctors who have shared the medication card have found that they see an increase in patient loyalty and referrals.

The actual amount of the discount is dependent on industry standards and the rate which has been negotiated by the pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) which administers the program. It tends to be the same from pharmacy to pharmacy, though on occasion the regular price, a limited-time sale price, or a separately negotiated discount price might be lower. Patients will always be given the lowest available price, whether that’s the card price or not.

The card is valid for all FDA approved prescription medications, both name-brand and generic. In rare cases, the manufacturer may reject a discount for a specific medication. It’s more likely that, whatever medication your patients need

It can also be used as a pet medication card. With a veterinarian’s authorization, many medications which are prescribed to pets are readily available at any regular pharmacy serving humans. This is one more way in which the medication card saves money. Many veterinarians supply the card for their clients to use.

The card is available to patients free of charge. There are no membership fees or annual renewal fees. There are no fees of any kind, and there are no qualifications or restrictions to use the card. Basically, there’s no risk to any patient: he or she picks up the card, places it in his or her wallet, and pulls it out at the pharmacy to find that the discount is legitimately earned and, more often than not, represents a significant savings over the usual price.

Doctors offices which provide the pharmacy discount card to their patients and their families earn the loyalty and good will of their patients. The card is just so easy to use, with no annoying forms or other personal identification issues, that everyone feels it’s worth a try. Once they find that the discounts are worthwhile (an average of 28 percent, though 50 to 75 percent savings are not unusual), they’ll be hooked.

The card can be used as a discount pet medication card, too. Many of the same medications that people take are also given to animals, and prescriptions can therefore be filled at a regular pharmacy with an authorization from the veterinarian. Vet offices can distribute the cards to their clients to help take the edge off rising costs. The same card works for any kind of medication that is eligible.

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Doctors Use Medication Card to Help Patients offers a free prescription discount card which can be used to save up to 75 percent on all kinds of prescriptions. It can also be used as a pet medication card, used at a regular pharmacy with a veterinarian’s prescription authorization. There are no qualifying requirements, no restrictions, and no expiration on the medication card.

Anyone can download and use the card at any of nearly 100 participating pharmacies, including most national chains. It can be used by everyone in the family, and there are no limitations on the number of prescriptions which can be discounted, either at one time or over a period of time.

Patients can find their local participating pharmacies easily with the search feature at Chances are, the pharmacy they are already currently using honors the card. The pharmacy can also look up the scheduled discount for any drug on their computer system. The discount is based on industry standards and tends to be the same from pharmacy to pharmacy. There may occasionally be sale prices or other special limited-time-only pricing which results in a lower price. The pharmacy will always quote the lowest price for any drug, even if it is not the card price.

Doctors’ offices which display the card for their patients to take and use have experienced an increase in patient satisfaction and loyalty. It’s a way of showing patients that doctors understand that the high costs of prescriptions can be a burden, and that they care about that. Patients appreciate knowing that their doctors really do have their best interests in mind.

The prescription discount card isn’t associated with any insurance company, retail pharmacy, drug manufacturer, or any other healthcare entity. It is administered by a third-party pharmacy benefit manager which is responsible for processing and paying the claims. Doctors can be completely confident that, by providing the card to their patients, there is no conflict of interest to worry about.

The medication card can be used by everyone on all their prescriptions. It can also be used as a pet medication card. Many of the prescription drugs which are given to companion animals are the same as for humans, so they can be purchased at a regular pharmacy, as long as there’s a veterinarian’s authorization. In fact, veterinarians’ offices can offer the card to their clients as well as a way to help them cut costs.

Cards can be ordered in bulk from the website, Once patients try the card, they’re sure to be impressed with the savings, so keeping a good supply of cards on hand is a smart idea. Patients will spread the word, too, and doctors who have shared the card tend to see an increase in referrals.

Patients love the pharmacy discount card because they don’t have to worry so much about being able to afford the medications they need to keep them and their families healthy. Doctors can feel good about sharing this useful card with their patients. By providing the cards, doctors earn goodwill, loyalty, and trust.

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Save as much as 75 percent on all your prescriptions by using the free, downloadable prescription discount card at The card is completely free. You can download it and print it right away for immediate use. If you prefer, you can also order cards through the mail.

There are no qualification requirements and no restrictions on the use of the card. There are never any fees or charges, and it never expires. The medication card can be used for every prescription and can be used on multiple medications picked up at the same time, with each drug receiving its own discount. You can find out what the discount amount will be by asking the pharmacy to look it up on their computer system.

Many people, once they’ve seen how much they can save, order multiple cards to give away to co-workers, friends, and family, and to drop off at their doctors’ offices to spread the word about the program. The card offers savings on just about all medications which are available by prescription in the United States.

All generic and brand-name FDA approved medications are eligible for a discount. The amount of the discount is negotiated with the manufacturer by the pharmacy benefits manager. This determines how much you’ll stand to save by using the card. Rarely does the manufacturer decline to offer a discount.

The average savings using the card is 28 percent, with many drugs being discounted by 50 percent. If you give your prescription and the medication discount card to your pharmacy staff, they can look up the scheduled discount rate for you. They can also let you know if a lower price is available, as products may sometimes be on sale for a limited time, or may appear on the pharmacy’s list of discounted drugs. There is no additional discount available if your medication is already on the list.

If you are taking drugs which are used for diabetes, circulatory conditions, heart disease, or controlling cholesterol, you will most likely find that you will get a discounted rate on these medications – and more – just by presenting the card to your pharmacist. Prescription pain killers, antibiotics and antifungals, arthritis medication, allergy medication, and asthma medication are included as well. Drugs prescribed for mood disorders are often discounted, too.

You can also use the card as a discount pet medication card to have your companion animal’s prescriptions filled at your regular pharmacy. Many of the drugs prescribed to pets are the same as those for people, so all you need is an authorization from your veterinarian. This is one more way in which the medication card saves you money.

With the pharmacy discount card, you will save money every time you fill the prescriptions for yourself or your family, and even pets. The convenience of the card has made it very popular, and satisfied customers have been spreading the word. It’s a good bet that you’ll be pleased with the savings you realize, too.

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Prescription Discount Card – Save up to 75%

The prescription discount card available through enables users to save as much as 75 percent on the medications they need. The card can be downloaded at the website and printed for immediate use, or cards can be ordered through the mail, if preferred. There is no charge for getting the card or for using it. There is nothing to fill out and no qualification requirements or restrictions on use.

The medication discount card can be used for every prescription and is valid even when multiple prescriptions are purchased at the same time. Each medication has a specific discount which will be applied to the purchase. You can find out the amount of each discount by asking at the pharmacy.

All FDA approved medications are eligible to be considered for a discount, both generics and brand name. This includes drugs which are used for diabetes, circulatory conditions, heart disease, controlling cholesterol, and more. Arthritis medications and other pain killers, antibiotics, antifungals, and allergy medications are included, too. Most mental health prescription medications can be obtained at a discount as well. It’s very likely that, whatever medication you need, it’s got an associated discount.

Discounts are negotiated directly with the manufacturer by the pharmacy benefits manager (PBM). In some cases, a manufacturer may decline to offer a discount, but in most cases a discount will be agreed upon. The discount will be the same at most pharmacies. Sometimes, there will be a limited-time sale price that is lower than the scheduled discount you’ll get using the medication card. Most pharmacies also maintain a discounted drug list, and no additional discount is available on these products.

You’ll find, though, that most every medication you need is available at a discounted rate. The average discount is about 28 percent, and discounts of 50 percent are not unusual. That represents a good savings, especially if you depend on regular prescriptions to control a chronic medical condition.

If you have pets, the card can also be used for their prescriptions. Many of the medications which are used for companion animals are the same as those that are used for people, so they can be bought at any pharmacy. Using the pet medication card at your regular pharmacy lets you save on your pet’s medications, too. You just need an authorization from your veterinarian.

You can find a participating pharmacy near you using the search feature at Most of the large chain pharmacies and many independents accept the prescription discount card. You’ll never need to go out of your way or locate an obscure business in order to use the card. Chances are, it’s honored at the pharmacy you already use.

The pharmacy discount card gives you savings every time you pick up your prescriptions. Everyone in the family can use it. There are absolutely no limits or restrictions on how often, or for how many prescriptions, the card can be used. It’s so easy and convenient to use, you’ll want to keep in in your wallet, ready to help you save.

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Customer Testimonials for

The feedback from customers who’ve used’s prescription discount card is overwhelmingly positive. After all, everyone likes to save money, and with the high cost of prescription medications these days, it’s especially welcome. The card can be downloaded at the website or ordered through the mail, if preferred.

The card is completely free to obtain and to use. There is nothing to sign up for, no qualification requirements, and no restrictions. It can be used by everyone in the household and on every kind of medication. It never expires so the same card can continue to be used forever and at any location.

Some customers have admitted that they didn’t think the card would actually work, or that the discount would be small, but figured they’d give it a try, since there isn’t any risk. They go on to say how pleasantly surprised they were to find that not only did the pharmacist cheerfully take the card, but the percentage of the discount was impressive as well. Even those with insurance have found that the card is helpful in filling in gaps.

The average savings is around 28 percent, with many customers reporting savings of 50 percent and up to 75 percent. It can be used for all kinds of medication. All FDA approved drugs, both generic and name brand, are eligible for a discounted rate using the medication card. The pharmacy can look up the amount of the discount in its computer system, and will always give you the lowest price.

Those who take multiple prescriptions on a regular basis, to control or treat chronic medical conditions, like the financial relief they get from using the medication discount card. Over a year’s time, the savings really adds up. Many of these people are also on a fixed income, so spending less for prescriptions means that they can spend more elsewhere, on things that are more fun, without straining the budget.

Customers also like that they don’t have to go out of their way to use the medication card. Almost all the top chain pharmacies accept the card, so chances are, they won’t have to change pharmacies at all. Many smaller chains and independent pharmacies are also participants in the medication card program. There is an easy to use search feature at which locates participating pharmacies by zip code.

Many customers love the pharmacy discount card that they order extra cards to give out to family and friends. They’ve also shared them with their doctors, dentists, and veterinarians – the card is also a discount pet medication card, when prescriptions are filled at a regular pharmacy. Many have also signed up with the affiliate program at

The medication discount card is highly rated by those who’ve used it. They make a point of keeping the card handy to use every time prescriptions are needed, because the savings are significant. Whether they just need an occasional prescription or take regular medication, the card has made a difference in affordability.

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Doctors Benefit from Sharing Medication Card

The prescription discount card from is an easy way to save up to 75 percent on prescription medications. This is a welcome savings for many people who find it difficult to afford the medicine they need. Doctor’s offices can obtain a quantity of these cards to keep at the front desk or in the waiting room, as a way to help their patients out in this area. It’s completely ethical and legal and is intended to benefit patients, referring doctors, and pharmacies in equal measure.

The card is completely free to use, with no membership or annual renewal fees, no restrictions, no deductible, and no expiration date. It can be used by every member of the household, and even as a pet medication card. The card is not only a relief to patients, but has many positive benefits for doctors offices, pharmacies, and the community at large. When patients feel less crushed by the costs of their medications, they’re more comfortable spending a little more elsewhere.

Pharmacies like the card because it brings business into their location, where patients are making other purchases. The more they save on their prescriptions using the medication card, the more likely they are to treat themselves to other items. In fact, the whole community can benefit as residents feel less constrained in their spending. They’re more likely to patronize restaurants, movie theaters, and to spend a little more at the grocery, drugstore, and other local small businesses.

For doctors, dentists, and veterinarians, providing the card can be a way to gain some good will. Patients want to know that their doctors are on their side, not the side of the pharmaceutical companies. The medication card is a great way to show quite clearly that they understand prescriptions are expensive, and are dedicated to helping.

Not only does this help patients – especially those on a fixed income or who have many different medications to take regularly – but it reflects well on the doctor’s reputation and can lead to increased referrals. With no fees of any kind, no restrictions, and no expiration – the medication card

The pharmacy discount card is not associated with any pharmaceutical company, retail pharmacy, or insurance provider or other healthcare administrator. It is administered by a third-party pharmacy benefit manager which negotiates the scheduled discount directly with manufacturers. There are no restrictions or approval requirements, and no one can ever be denied legal use of the card.

Doctors can therefore share the card with complete confidence that there is no conflict of interest or appearance of it. It’s just a way to help patients save money on the prescriptions that they need.  Medication discount cards can be ordered in bulk at the website. Single cards can also be downloaded directly from the web page. It’s a great way to show patients that their doctors really do understand that prescriptions may be difficult to afford. It generates good will and helps patients to see that their doctors do understand their circumstances.

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Prescription Medications Eligible for Discount

One of the first questions that people have when they hear about the prescription discount card at is “What drugs is it good for?” They’re naturally skeptical that the card will have any value for them. The truth is, all FDA approved medications are eligible to be considered for the discount. This includes both generics and brand name drugs.

The discounts are negotiated with the manufacturers by the pharmacy benefits manager which administers the program. In some cases, an agreement may not be possible and no discount is established. However, this is rare, and you will find discounts on the most often prescribed medications for many different health conditions. The discount schedule changes on a weekly basis, so you may find that a drug which wasn’t discounted in the past now is, or that the percentage of the discount has been adjusted.

A lot of people depend on the medication card to make it easier for them to afford the prescriptions they must take regularly, for the rest of their lives, to control their medical conditions. Many of these people are older or disabled and living on a fixed income and are often taking multiple different medications. The difference in prescription costs using the pharmacy discount card really makes a difference.

People with diabetes, chronic heart conditions, or arthritis and other chronic pain conditions will find that they can save on the medications that they need. Those taking blood thinners, blood pressure control, and cholesterol lowering drugs will save, too. Antibiotics, antifungals, and prescription cold remedies are eligible for discounted rates, as are all the different kinds of prescription allergy and asthma medications.

The card can also be used as a discount pet medication card when your companion animals need medications. With the advancements in veterinary care, pets are now enjoying a higher standard of care which includes the use of short-term or long-term medications to support health. Many of these drugs are the exact same products as are prescribed for people, so they can be purchased at any regular pharmacy, with a veterinarian’s prescription authorization.

You can find out what the discount will be just by asking the pharmacist. He or she will enter the card’s information into the computer which will bring up the discount schedule. Prices are generally the same at different pharmacies, because they are based on an industry standard.

In some cases, the pharmacy may be able to offer you a lower price than you would get with the medication discount card. This is because there are sometimes temporary sale prices, or another discount agreement has been negotiated directly with the pharmacy. You’ll always pay the lowest rate, whatever that might be.

Since there is no charge to obtain or use the card, no restrictions, and no expiration, you may as well keep the prescription discount card in your wallet. That way you’ll have it handy whenever you fill a prescription. Even if you only get a prescription once in a while when you are sick or injured, you’ll be glad that you have the medication card to give you a break on the price.

( 1 ) Comment Affiliate Program: Compassion that Earns Cash

You already know how great the prescription discount card from is, providing savings of up to 75 percent on the medications that people need. Now you can earn money simply for sharing the benefits of the card with others. With’s affiliate program, you can earn up to 2 ½ dollars every time someone uses one of your cards.

There is a one-time charge to join the program, which gets you 5000 medication cards encoded to give you credit, 25 plexiglass display racks with informative banners, and an individual website which you can use for promoting and distributing the card. There is no annual renewal requirement and no more fees ever. When you need more cards, just order them.

The sign-up fee is used to cover the costs of the materials and administration of the program. does not ever make a profit from its affiliates. Unlike other affiliate programs which require you to do some heavy selling in order to make worthwhile money, the prescription discount card practically sells itself. You don’t have to do much more than make the cards available to people and spread the word about how painless it is to use.

Once they see that it’s completely free to them, with no fees or restrictions, and doesn’t require them to provide any personal information, there’s no reason they won’t choose to keep one in their wallet. When they begin to use the card, chances are they’ll be thrilled with results and spread the word. You’ll be earning in no time.

Don’t forget that this is also a discount pet medication card. Talk to your local veterinarian offices and groomers about how the card can help their clients save. Be sure to leave behind a stack of your coded cards to be displayed at the counter.

Rewards are paid to you on a monthly basis. For 1 to 1000 claims in a month, you’ll get 1 ½ dollars for each. For 1001 to 5000 claims, you’ll get 2 dollars for each, and for 5001 to 10000, 2 ¼ dollars. If you generate 10001 or more claims in a month, you’ll get 2 ½ dollars for every one. This is among the most generously compensated affiliate programs anywhere.

Anyone can sign on as an affiliate. It’s a great way for non-profits and charities to give something of value to their supporters, with the earnings being invested back into the organization. Service providers, like realtors, accountants, and insurance companies can offer the cards as an additional benefit, gaining goodwill. Small and large businesses can give the pharmacy discount cards to their employees and clients as a way of thanking them for their loyalty.

There isn’t anyone who wouldn’t want to save money on prescriptions, and the medication discount card makes it easy to do. The affiliate program gives you a way to earn some extra cash while supporting something that you believe in and actually helping others. It’s easy to sign on and doesn’t require a lot of effort on your part to realize significant earnings.

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