Medical Discount Cards

There are a lot of people who don’t have insurance or insurance which doesn’t cover everything. These people choose to register for medical discount cards in order to make the cost of their health care and prescription medications lower. Just keep in mind that these cards are not health insurance. Medical discount cards should be chosen carefully as they offer different benefits and you want to choose the one which offers the best discounts and benefits. A medical discount card will let you get your prescriptions at a discount. There are cards which give discounts on prescription medication, eye exams or dental care and other which include office visits, surgical procedures and hospitalization. So the procedure is to take your medical discount card with you to your pharmacy when you need to fill a prescription and present it to the pharmacist and in turn you will receive a discount on your medication costs.

Medical discount cards can be gotten through your place of employment or an organization you belong to like the AARP. There are certain health insurance companies which have high deductibles or no prescription coverage which will provide medical discount cards for certain services. Cards are also available through independent companies but in this case be careful because just as much as there are medical discount cards which are legitimate there are also those who will scam you. Online you can check with the Consumer Health Alliance site for a list of medical discount card providers which meet the necessary standards.

The medical discount cars which are legitimate are accepted in many place and offer great savings. The value of any medical discount card depends on how much discount it gives and if it is accepted in many places as well as if it covers the particular services and medication needs the patient requires. So it is advisable for potential customers to ask their health care providers and pharmacy to be sure they will accept a certain medical discount card before buying one.  One should also check to see if the medication they need is covered by the card and find out how much of a discount it offers. This is to be sure that the price of the medical discount card doesn’t outweigh the savings to be made. Online you can find out which medications particular medical discount cards cover and the health services which are also covered by the card so that you can choose the right card for your specific needs. Be careful in choosing a medical discount card as there are companies who do provide misleading or incorrect information about the costs of the card.

For instance there are cards claiming to offer discounts of up to 60% when in fact the discount for medical services and prescriptions can be less than 5% or sometimes no discount. Keep in mind that even those medical discount cards which say they come “free” expect you to pay administrative or service fees so read all the fine print.

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