Big Apple Rx

If you happen to be living in New York City don’t think twice and get the prescription drug card made just for you Big Apple Rx. This card is available not only to the residents of this big city but also to those who work in the city or are just visiting. There is no age, income, citizenship or health insurance status taken in mind. You can save an average of 47% from the day you get your Big Apple Rx drug card. On brand name medication discounts of up to 15% and on Generic medication 53%.

This card is accepted in most pharmacies all over the city. Keep in mind that Big Apple Rx is a money-saving prescription discount card program and you can use the prescription drug card are much as you need. All you have to do is sign up, print out the card and head for your nearest pharmacy. At the pharmacy present your prescription and the pharmacist will process your card and let you know how much your medication costs. Don’t forget you will be getting the best price which is available to you through this program and if for some reason the medication comes at a lower price than the discount rate you will be able to pay the lower price.
Not only can you make use of your Big Apple Rx card for all of your prescription medication but you can also save on over-the-counter medication like smoking cessation aids and diabetic supplies just as long as you have a prescription. The best thing is that the whole family can make use of one card. If you don’t get yours online you can also pick up a card at a lot of neighborhood businesses, community organizations, city agencies and city council offices. Check online for numbers which you can call if you have any questions or if you are looking for a pharmacy who takes the Big Apple Rx prescription drug card. With over 58,000 pharmacies participating you are sure to find one who accepts this card near where you live or work. Note that you cannot use this drug card with other discount cards or insurance cards but you can use it to pay for what your insurance doesn’t pay for.

There is no limit on the amount of prescriptions you can have filled. Just be aware of the fact that the price for your medication which you can see online can change as prices change without notice. So double check the price at your local pharmacy. The Big Apple Rx prescription drug card will save you a lot on your prescription medication and with not expiry date you can relax and enjoy your savings. You’ll be glad you chose this card if you are living in New York City as prices for medication drugs can be high. Many people are singing its praises and glad they made the right choice at a moment when they didn’t know how they would pay for their prescriptions.

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